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Hi, I am Keryn,

CAPTURED by Keryn is my documentary Wedding, Family & Fine Art boutique photography business, based around celebrating the beauty, history and personality of each person that comes before my lens – whether a bride bursting with excitement, or the family sharing in the joy of the moment. Captured by Keryn specializes in subtle documentary, fine art style wedding photography with a passion for the use of natural light. Residing on the north shore of Auckland, New Zealand gives me a lot of opportunity to refine my use of that natural light!

When i’m not busy with photography, I love to chill out with my little family and travel. My images portray the essence of my surroundings and evoke a sense of emotion and adventure.

My experience allows me to approach each environment in a relaxed and informal manner encouraging spontaneous moments that often result in beautiful caught-off-guard images. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than capturing the raw beauty that is in each person, allowing me to share this with the people that care about them the most.

So please take your time to check out my recent work and get in touch, I am more than happy to chat about your ideas!

Keryn x


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